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This company is not what it seems, it looks like a Uk company but the goods come from China where they are based. I had to chase the wig up as not arrived in the time it states, my terminal mother was very anxious to get the wig so she could go out which I explained to them, they told me they didn't have the style in stock, which I could have been notified about before.....I tried to cancel the wig, no chance they told a lie and said it had been sent but no tracking number, I had to keep emailing them mean time I have made a complaint with paypal, the wig arrived this week....surprise wrong wig and colour!!!! I straight away emailed them to get a returns number and address as surprise surprise no address in the invoice which also states the amount of the wig is $10, I have paid them £185!!!!!

They have now emailed asking can I take a photo, and can we talk about this are they joking!!!!!

Really can't see me getting my money back unless paypal can sort it!

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PAYPAL are well aware of this company - and they obviously have taken no action since I spoke to them, almost a year ago. I was assured that if there were any further complaints against the company - paypal would remove their facility from this company (they obviously did not keep their word)!!!

THESE people, will ask for a photo - I sent a photo, and they said "its nice, why don't you keep it"???? They will correspond back and forth with you - offering 10% refund, then 20% refund - I was so out of time with paypal (as it took 10 weeks before the wig arrived - I was not covered by their 40 day or whatever their limit is on a dispute), so I had no choice but to take the maximum refund offered - 60% - better something than nothing!!! If paypal had followed through with their statement and stopped any business transactions to the company - you (and others in this last year), would not be in the position you are now in.

Without a paypal facility - most people would not have ordered from this company, and would have opted for another company instead!!! There is a facebook page dedicated to people who have been ripped off by - they also have a few other wig sites- under a different name (but same company) and they have a dress site - all for the purposes of scamming people out of their money.

Morecambe, England, United Kingdom #772847

im so glad ive found these posts ; so I guess I can say goodbye to my cash then ?? although I did pay via paypal ive been ill in the mean time & still am but thought I should attend to my problem ( as I still don't have a wig & was going to simply buy from another site ,, any good ideas people !!! and also any idea how I can at least put this to paypal ..even after all this time I have a disability & struggle with daily migraine I don't have lots of money # boy talk about kicking people when there down,, iderather be ripped @ the supermarket than this way well its not just a wig is it,, its EVERYTHING to some,, ok rant over


I also fell for the same advertisement,I sent a photo of the wig i received and they offered

me a £15 refund and i could keep the wig. I sent a reply back via email asking for a return address as the wig they sent me was not the one advertised, even the colour was incorrect.My next step is to contact pay pal they were very helpful,and hopefully this will get my money back. PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM WIGSHOW.


I received a very unsatisfactory wig from Wigshow and was also asked to take a photo. I was offered some money back and told to keep the wig.

However, after a number of emails, I returned the wig (to China) and asked for my money back. I have to say that I was really surprised to see the money had been credited to my account and at least Wendy and Fiona (?) had replied to my emails, unlike some online companies who just ignore complaints / issues.

London, England, United Kingdom #732337

Why didn't I search here before ordering? :( When have you ever had to take a photo of yourself in a dress you wish to return!

I guessed they weren't a UK company by the poor English.

My experience is the same as above - poor quality wig, poor colour and they are trying to persuade me to keep the wig and accept £15 refund. Why can't people like this be stopped?

to anonymous #772977

Because they are operating outwith the UK.


Wish I'd seen all these reviews before I too got conned by these cheating bastards! I doubt if even my local am-dram will find a use for the heap of rubbish that Wigshow supplied!! Avoid like the plague!!!!!

Wimborne Minster, England, United Kingdom #702624

I have just been scammed by this company Wigshow, completely wrong style and the parting looks like a birds nest. Will not send me a refund or provide me with an address to return this very offending article.

Please DO NOT deal with them.

I am surprised Paypal are still acting for them, as they are complete fraudsters, who's victims are Cancer and Alopecia sufferers. Disgraceful.

Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom #679835



Birmingham, England, United Kingdom #679095

do not buy from wigshow they are a chinese company who has bought a british website! I ordered one for my mom not checking the company (what an ***) on checking I found all these comments on the company, luckily I had paid the money (£82) via paypal and was refunded.

The wig did arrive but it was awful it looked like it had been cut with a knife and fork also in with the blonde hair was black hair sewn in. Terrible wig which I wouldn't have paid £1 for!

Also they have another website which looks more or less the same as wigshow (but I can't remember the name. I am going to put the wig on You tube for everyone to see what a disaster it is.

to smiler #698212

Hi Smiler, did you have any problems getting your money back via Paypal. I also have been scammed but for £145 and have just opened a dispute in Paypal who have frozen the money in wigshaws account until they respond.

London, England, United Kingdom #677092

Same *** hap[pened to me DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THEM!

Windsor, England, United Kingdom #652596

ijust rsceived what was supposed to be a wig from this company i dont know what its suppose to be its not anything like what i ordered not even the colour i have tried to log into them they said my e mail address is not reconised but i have the card that was in the box with the rubbish they sent me theese people should be exposed for what they are its nasty and unfair i dont suppose i will see my money again maggie hope lots of people sign in :(


Everyone who purchased a wig via paypal - needs to get in touch with paypal and report this issue - no matter how long ago the purchase was. I spoke to paypal via phone and they said they would be keeping an eye on this company - so the more people who contact them and report that they were ripped off - the greater chance that paypal will take away their facility - that will at least cut down on wigshow business - as I for one would not have spend that kind of money on an item without paypal - incidentally - the wig arrived 10 WEEKS after I ordered it - so it appears that they stall deliver in order to get around the 45 days after purchase that paypal will cover you for. CALL PAYPAL NOW!

to kennedym1 Morecambe, England, United Kingdom #772850

omg this applies to me,, don't know where to start

London, England, United Kingdom #603460

Have only just found out about this scam wig website, but too late to save my money. Lost £99.

I should put it down to experience and forget about it! BUT What I can't understand is , how does Paypal keep sending our money to an "unknown" source knowing we are going to be ripped Off. You have to ask yourself, what are Paypal getting out of it? Surely someone there will be aware of, but ignoring, the number of complaints arising from this fraudulent website.

The only warning on Paypal's site, is the inconspicuous notice that the website is not registered in the USA.So What! we, paypals customers were paying through Paypal to a Uk Web site,... supposedly.

Is anyone going to tell me that Paypal doesn't Know by now that they are paying our money to a chineese scam website?

So I ask Again

Whats in it for paypal?

to muggins #631773

If every one contacts pay pal and floods them with complaints - then there is a chance that they will act. It beggers belief that they do not know by now.

This site is preying on people who are often sick and are parting with their money in the hope that they can get out and about without feeling self conscience - what a rotten thing to do!! This site should be reported to all scamming sites as well as fraud sites - start spreading the word!

Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom #598517

I am devastated. I have just been diagnosed with alopecia and as I am a skint student, Wigshow seemed like my only real option for getting a wig.

I have already ordered, using money I don't have, and now realise I have been well and truly scammed. Here's to another six months of crippling anxiety and an inability to leave the house. I swear, when my hair grows back I'm getting a plane straight over there. I will find the head of this sham of a company.

Argh, I don't even know what to say anymore. I'm completely gutted.


I too got fleeced by this company. Bought a wig, it was awful, like a ''mop'' :eek .

I oaid postage and return postage after a lot of hassle and threats of Trading Standards. But they would not refund my postage and return postage , to China, costs.

So all in all £20.17p out of pocket :cry DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SITE!! BE WARNED :upset


looking for people affected by this company to participate in a programme exposing them. If you live in the uk and interested please comment below

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