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I have bad experience with They are not from UK ,they sell poor made wigs from China/Hong Kong.

You will be happy if you get any wig at all. The same " company" is behind a few different web sites which sale wigs. One thing is common to all them :the email which u can find on your pay pal account as detail about the seller( didn't answer on any email that i sent before I opened dispute on Pay pal web. The wig arrived after 2 weeks but I got the wrong model.

This one was shorter and that means cost less.

The wig was broken,I had to saw in the wig. They are fake and don't buy anything from them!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wigshow Wig.

Monetary Loss: $72.

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Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #839165

I brought a wig from a different site,, but these site are all the same. They all come from china (didn't feel the need to capitalize the country's name).

A lot of these companies are run by the same people. However, i am now able to spot these companies. First, look at the return policy. If they mention anything about a 7 day return policy, then they are a scam site.

You will never be able to get it back to them in time. At this time you can move on. Also, in the "how to contact them" if the phone number has a plus (+) as part of the phone number, then it is a fake site (not a United State phone number). If all the wigs have important people wearing them, then the site is also a scam.

Those pictures are just that...just pictures. You will never get a wig that looks the same. I can go on and on. By the way, I had the usual problems with the wig not being the right style, wrong color, and of poor quality.

They will alway ask you to send a picture and of course, they will determine that you have the right wig. They will offer you a small discount if you keep the wig and it is never the amount you paid. The end result is their unwillingness to solve the problem.

Anyway, I went through Paypay, and as soon as I ship the wig back and give them the tracking number, I will get a full refund, plus, the cost for the shipment. They told me that they are able to do this under the "buyer protection plan." So, you be careful and stay far away from these sites as possible.

Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia #783518

I was *** enough to buy a wig from the site please be warned this is a SCAM the wig you receive looks disgusting and will be nothing like what you ordered. Then you will be sending emails back and forth with Flora offering you an insulting amount of what you paid.

Seriously these wigs you would buy for about ten bucks as a kids play thing. I am still in dispute with them trying to get my money back.

If your in my shoes please call paypal and set up a dispute. They need to be shutdown.

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