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I found the wigshow website a couple of weeks ago after looking on line for a petite size wig. The website looked great so I ordered a stunning looking wig, or what I thought would be a stunning wig. It arrived fairly quickly, however, as soon as I took it out of the box I knew it was not the same wig I ordered from the photo on their website. I tried it on and to my shock horror it looked like a dead animal was on my head. No surprise, the cut and shape was completely different, it was not Remy human hair and it was not a size petite either. I emailed them straight away and informed them that it was not the wig I ordered and asked for a full refund. They emailed me back telling me to send them a picture of the wig, I was reluctant at first but sent a picture of it on a wig head along with the photo I took of the wig I ordered on their website so they could see it was a completely different style, there was far too much hair at the front which covered the top half of my face... what a joke!!! They told me the wig looked nice... taking the mick or what, didn't bother to explain why the wig looked nothing like the one in the photo.

Anyway to cut a long story short, by the sounds of it from the comments I've read, I went through the same process as everyone else. They started offering me a 10% refund and told me to keep the wig, I told them I wouldn't even want it for free. They came back with 20% then a 30% refund they said it was their last offer and for me to keep the wig. I took the dispute up with paypal and basiccally had to repeat my self to them via paypals dispute procedures, telling Wigshow again that they sent me the wrong wig etc. I have now escalated it to a claim and hopefully will get a full refund. I refuse to return a wig to China to a company that has mislead me to think I was buying it from the UK, which wigshow say will cost me 30 GBP to return and 20 GBP for customs. The address they reluctantly sent me when I threatened to complain to paypal, was not the same address as the senders address on the parcel. No doubt they have given me a bogus address so that the parcel will go astray and they can get to keep my money.

What I don't understand is why are paypal still assisting these crooks to rip people off? Surely they've had enough complaints to stop dealing with this bogus website!!!!

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This is ridiculous! and too many companies are getting away with this. I run a bespoke wig company based in Luton, Bedfordshire if you are still looking for a descent wig, which will be customised according to your specifications visit www.wigcouture.co.uk or email admin@wigcouture.co.uk

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