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I would like to say that I contacted paypal and they were amazing took it all out of my hands and got me a complete refund I cannot thank them enough as I was definately at the end of my tether with it all.

This of course does not alter the fact that this company i

should not be trading. They sent me a wig which would only have been use in a Lily Savage Look alike party!!!!.It was total representation. PLEASE DONT USE THEM

Original review posted by user Jul 27, 2012

I am trying to return a wig to they keep blocking their contact emails and when I do et through are fobbing me off..

I cannot. believe it they have offered me £15 compensation telling me its not worth returning it. The wig was £68. I have contacted paypal and am waiting?

The emails have to be seen to be believed.This is a total scam!!!I amm appalled this company are allowed to trade.I only wish I had known about all the complaints beforehand it just shows my nievety. I had no idea companies on the web could get away with this

Review about: Wigshow Wig.

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I am looking for someone to participate in a BBC exposure of this company. If you know of anyone please type wigshow victims into Facebook search bar and contact Anj


Glad you have posted too!! Of course they can't give you address to return to!

Turns out they gave someone else a PO Box no. to which the Royal Mail won't deliver. They obviously don't have an address in the UK as they're in Hong Kong/or China!! Paypal should sort it out for you if you 'raise a dispute'!

Amazing, after so many complaints to Citizens' Advice, Trading Standards haven't managed to remove this website!! When I first 'found them out' I got plenty of emails back! But now they know we're 'onto them'!

They are taking advantage of some very vulnerable people - with hair loss - from various causes - even CANCER!!! Good luck with Paypal - just go for full refund!!

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