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Update by user May 28, 2015

Not sure if this is still the case: but these sites change names. I have heard they are affiliated with 'Global E-dresses' - also located in China and/or Hong Kong. DON'T buy from them.

Update by user Jun 07, 2012


Ultimately in my own case, I got the case dealt with satisfactorily but only after \'pushing\'; \'threats\', raising dispute with Paypal etc.!! So now I have a REAL HAIR wig - Yes - too short & not as described - but can still \'just\'!

use it and it\'s now been knocked down to a \'bargain price\'!!

But please DON\'T use them! Report to UK Citizens Advice - enough complaints will hopefully help get this site CLOSED DOWN!!

Original review posted by user May 05, 2012

I couldn't find what I wanted on ebay and was somewhat distressed by a medical condition causing me some hair loss. I wanted to order a nice long real human hair wig relatively quickly!

I found on a search http://www.wigshow.co.uk/ On looking at their website, I found it clearly appeared to be a UK co. and that I could order relatively quickly, as I live in the UK myself. I found something I liked, duly went to 'payment via Paypal'. I then got a receipt from Paypal indicating I had paid someone in CHINA or Hong Kong!

After several emails to the company (there is NO ADDRESS shown and NO TEL. NO.) I got the reply 'it was coming from their factory in Hong Kong'. I have been in consultation with UK's 'Consumer Direct' now called Citizens' Advice. They informed me it is ILLEGAL to display what appears to be a 'UK website' with NO address to which to write a formal complaint.

Instead I have had several emails, each from a different person 'Dear Customer' etc. with just the 'wig no'! 1 asked for photos which I duly emailed back with tape measure as this was NOT as described: too SHORT! 2 more emails have ensued 'we will refund you by a third'!

OR post back at OWN cost (which is also illegal!) & they will refund. I would not risk this, as may never 'see my money again'! We have public holidays now, so will be back in contact with Citizens' Advice so they can pass on to Trading Standards to get them 'blacklisted' legally. In the meantime, I just want everyone - most likely in the UK!

- to know they are NOT dealing with/PAYING a UK company. I will also attempt to raise a dispute via Paypal; there could be some difficulty as this co.

is actually either in China itself or belongs to Hong Kong and there is no way is knowing until YOU HAVE SUBMITTED PAYMENT! (this has, understandably, caused me some emotional distress in addition to my time spent) DON'T USE THEM!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wigshow Wig.

Monetary Loss: $258.

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Londonderry, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom #878528

Hey these people are in china not in the uk please dont buy any thing from them they will rip you ofpleas

Derby, England, United Kingdom #767227

DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT buying a product from Wigshow - I am a reasonable intelligent person but they have effectively stolen £130 from me. I am trying to get a refund back but they are refusing this. Having now instructed my card company but it awaits to be seen if I'm left with a hair wig that has been hacked by a young child who has been hair dressing and paid a pittance!

Scotland, Connecticut, United States #738594

so glad I found these reviews I was just about to order one, I'm gutted as losing loads of hair through diabetis, will have to try and find similar, does anyone know a reputable wig company with reasonable prices? alarm bells did start ringing for me when I was on live chat and they asked what website I was referring to and English wasn't great, and obviously no telephone number.

to sunlover #878698

Hi sunlover - I am the lady who originally posted on this site (although others now have done the same with a 'heading page'!) I couldn't say for sure if these are OK now, as haven't had any from them for a while - BUT I have had a few wigs from 'Vogue Wigs' who are, I believe in the UK, but via ebay! Very few real human hair ones though, but these appear shiny and in good condition; 'lightweight' to wear and around £20 approx.

so you can often get several!!

Somerset, Virginia, United States #727493

we have been emailing halowig s for about 3 months hopeing to get a refund but are still waiting i think they are ripping people off and i think they should be closed down so more people dont get ripped off i hope people read this and not buy from halowigs

London, England, United Kingdom #718595

I ordered 2 wigs costing £298 inc p&p . It was only after a couple of weeks that I read all the reviews.

I seem to have been one of the lucky ones as I emailed them to cancel the order and asked for a refund. After getting a few emails that a 5 year old could easily have written, they said the refund would be credited back within 3 working days. I was amazed when this actually happened. Its not even the money that the issue here.

I am going through chemo and need a wig, this company is preying on others in my situation, vulnerable people that cant always afford these prices.

Hopefully this site will be closed down before more people are ripped off.


i unfortunately bought a wig from this company and it was like having a dead ferret on top of my head....it looked nothing like the picture...i wrote and complained and they offered me 10% of the price and said i could keep the wig lol....they also wanted a picture of me with the wig on which i totally refused to do as i was,nt going to have them laugh at me at my expence..my advise to anyone thinking of buying a wig from this website is not to even consider doing so....one final note is the wig which i ordered WIG1300076534 is no longer on :sigh their website....i wonder why :sigh

Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom #653431

Liars, and cheats, DO NOT BUY Anything From This Company!!!! They state they will refund if not happy with wigs, however, trying to get your money back is a different matter altogether, you have to email them (no Phone number) then they tell you to contact their admin, who ask you to send photographs of the item, then they do not reply to emails, eventually they make a ridiculously low offer of a refund (not as you are led to believe on their website,a full refund).

I paid £72 pounds for the wig and was offered £10 back, Irefused and they offered £15, then £20 and after further refusals they stated they would increase it to £30 take it or leave it, it was their last offer. Paypal were not worth any help, I believe they should inform their customers that this company is based in CHINA, not the UK, (as Wigshow's website leads you to believe, .co.uk) before they authorise any payments from your account.Their website seems very professional but their wigs and service are shoddy, Steer Well clear of this company !!!


If you want your money back from wigshow then please read on…………

Hello prospective wig buyers do not buy any wigs from this seller www.wigshow.co.uk

They are thieves there wigs look nothing like the pictures advertised. The AUD$210 the wig cost when it arrived 4 weeks later was the wrong colour nothing like the style and very little hair so no body to it either, wig cap showing, barely any fringe to it, it also looked like a dolly wig I’d put on one of my dolls as a kiddie. I’ve never ever seen a wig gives you a pointy head/triangle effect with sticky out loose hair bits coming out of the top of the crown???

Some advice you guys might not know but might greatly appreciate. I used the wigshow site in the UK, didn’t use paypal but my aussie credit card to purchase the “wig” or - thing that looked like a dog wouldn’t even go near. I contacted my bank a week after not getting any response from wigshow to request a refund (advised the Credit card section of the situation). My bank – commonwealth bank (great guys!, always super helpful), said they’d be very happy to assist and got all the forms out to me to process the refund. Before the customer assistant at the bank hopped off the line, he advised even though it was a credit card payment, the payment was still taken through paypal and I was to contact paypal first as they could very well help me. Which I did. 2weeks later I have a full refund from paypal themselves.

How to: You will be required by paypal to either email them or call them to raise a dispute about the product. I ended up having to call them (because I do not have a paypal account and it was done through guest systems or something, they paypal lady told me). You need to tell them that the product that was sent out was not what you ordered, you are not happy with it and you want a full refund, give them full details about all the problems with the wig.

They will advise you to contact the seller, which I did right away via email.

• Wigshow will give you the run around no end and tell you to stop the dispute with paypal that they will sort it out. DO NOT DO THIS IF YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT.

• Wigshow will come back at you offering pitiful refunds which are laughable and tell you to sell the wig online yourself (LIKE ANYONE WOULD PAY $0.02c for this thing???), and whinge about how much money it takes for labour in china (yeah right) to produce a wig such as this etc etc. Don’t listen to any of it. Even if you have used their website to pay by credit card (as I did) and didn’t use the paypal option, you are still covered by paypal. And if paypal can’t help you, your bank will – contact them with all the details of this company and all the details that are now posted online about it being a scam and they will help you (as they advised me).

• Even if wigshow demand that you send the wig back first before they refund – DO NOT DO THIS EITHER, this is just a ploy for them to then say you never sent the wig (obviously got lost in transit), you don’t get a refund and they get their product back to sell to some other poor unsuspecting lass.

• Wigshow will then try to talk you out of sending back claiming postage fees to China etc are really high. As far as paypal terms go, customer has every right to keep a product and have a refund (if dodgy selling practices are used) and you won’t get in trouble for choosing not to pay high postage to China.

Once you have your refund, you can post the wig back (if you wish or most likely not).

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE just stick to your guns. Everytime you get a *** email from Wigshow that will make your blood boil, be sweet/reasonable, and just keep repeating - the product that you sent me is not as is described on your website, I am not happy with your product and I wish a full refund.

• What will be going on at wigshow’s end, paypal will be demanding an answer from wigshow, wigshow will ignore paypal as they won’t have an answer for paypal because they’re scammers. When paypal doesn’t get a sufficient answer they will automatically refund.

• If you haven’t heard anything from paypal in a week or so after you begin this, you need to escalate the dispute with paypal, call or email them. I’d suggest calling.

• And for those of you who have left it longer than the 45 days – as I see some of you have, you need to be speaking to your bank about this scam website as I think customers are allowed to claim back so long as its not longer than 3months.

Hope that helps?

to Kim M Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom #645968

Dear Kim M,

Thanks so much for your advice .I didn't use paypal to buy it and the wig that they sent to me just like you have said even a dog does't want to look at it. I hope I will get some money back

Thanks again

Be :sigh ny :sigh

to Kim M North Metro, Georgia, United States #645975


Douglas, Isle Of Man, United Kingdom #635070

:( just received a awful wig wish I had seen this site first will i get my money back ? filed a dispute with paypal!

had countless emails from someone called Candy asking me to send photos of the wigs so they can put it right - what with telepathy ! and asking me to I understand them ?

to chocolateclaire #643715

I have had the same problem, had this Candy asking for photos so i followed her instructions and sent photos and ive not heard back at all, sent another email 3 days later asking for an address to send this item back to and still no response,tried again today to email them and the email address has now blocked me :( really need some advice and help x

to Kezz Liverpool, England, United Kingdom #646047

if you paid by paypal or credit card file a disput...i got full refund via paypal

to chocolateclaire #643726

After losing my hair after having intense radiotherapy after a Brain Tumor, i saw these wigs online and thought they looked really nice and natural, and it was half price as well ... how wrong was i, when my wig turned up it looked un-natural, the front looked like dry ends and as if it has been worn/2nd hand.

I tried to contact though the live chat which keep saying "All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly" 2 hours later i was still waiting, so i sent an email, which they did reply asking if i could use the brush i brought to sort the problem out, i explained again the problem and this is when they asked for photos, so i sent 4 photos to them. After the photo email i didnt get a response so i sent another 4 emails in which i never got a reply, explaining the stress they were giving me on this matter and that in my condition its not good, i also said that if i didnt get a reply i would be contacting Trading Standards in which i still have not had a reply. The Lady that was replying was called Candy and has now actually blocked my main email address. Wish i knew about this page before i brought this item.

Has anyone got any advice on this matter that may help me get my money back.

Thank you

to Very Annoyed and Stressed cust Liverpool, England, United Kingdom #646049

file a dispute with Paypal or your credit card company if you paid this way.....I did and got a full refund..this company do not answer emails after the first couple and will offer a part refund ..its all a scam


I too ordered three wigs and they are terrible!!! A two yr old could have made a better wig!!

They were not at all like the pics and when I wanted to return them they said they would return 10% of the purchase price. The company isn't even in the uk they are in hong kong!

When I went to email customer service my email was rejected.. Do not order from this company...

Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada #622366

L give these guys 0 zero out of five stars, stay away, the worst company l have ever delt with : they cant do anything right

Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada #622359

say away, they say they recieve no money, but paypal said they sent them , there money, they lie? you will not get anything.

you will lost your money? SCAM, SCAM, :(

East York, Ontario, Canada #619035

Hi all

My order has arrived today and it was as bad as I expected it to be after reading comments on here on Monday. Too late was the cry I had ordered on 21st Feb, just wish I had looked here first!

Been in touch with live chat who have given me an email address, so here we go let battle commence for a refund. Will keep you updated!

Not sure if I should contact paypal yet or will they expect me to go through a process with this despicable company. Does anyone know?

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